Jumat, 16 Juni 2017


The sociallife

       The sociallife is the plague were teenagers and youth and has a negative impact of the future of Indonesia. the sociallife can be don knowingly by the young people or just follow the ternd.
For those who don't know the consequences of promiscuity, here are some important point into consideration not do promiscuity. The first thing about promiscuity is the women are among the most disadvantaged and sacrifice.
       For you are young women promiscutyare likey to lead to the free sex, and it is going to hurt themselves when going to get married. Have you heard that "girlfriend must be beautiful while his wife will have to". When you've been stuck in promiscuity, how should you for your partner later ?the second cost of promiscuity is unlikely to be free from disease. how you sure that your partner completely honest whit you. while he could be lying to you about the number of couples, and he was in consuming drugs. it may be your partner you are honest but if her partner you are honest but if her partner but you also honest. in the promiscuity, it's very clear that the trust and honesty is lose.
      It suffered from promiscuity is very varied from one can cure up to a difficult and even can not be cured such as AIDS, Herpes. Kanker and so on.
for your youth to men, don't you be proud of with a free you from the physical traits are involved in promiscuity sexual. those of you who've been stuck in promiscuity, get out of a vicious cycle. One thing you can when you get out of promiscuity is rhetoric and abusive . bullying of friend 'a type of' you and also criticism of them actually know that you it is not a women or man all right. Let it go, they said, and denounced, think about the future of you left.
     it is not easy to rebuild what has been damaged,but remember the adage 'better late than never at all', although it seems cliche, but if you decide to change and really living it, thenGod will open the way for you and opened the new for you.

That's all talk, of me. see you babye
wassalamualaikum Wr. W.b

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017


-          Symbol of state
-          The miniature Borobudur temple
-          Decorated flower
-          The miniature house
-          Charter
-          The colorful lamp
-          The fence of bamboo
-          Guest book

-          Hat
-          Uniform MENWA
-          Charter
-          Cup
-          Shoes MENWA
-          Guest book
-          Beam stacking
-          Ink funny colors
-          Hat cowboy
-          Flag English
-          Banners
-          Book
-          Guest book
-          Book all lenguages
-          Book Arabian
-          Book Korean
-          Book Japanese
-          Book To The Toefl IPT
-          Tents
-          Clothes hiking
-          The equipment climbed a cliff
-          Cup
-          Charter
-          Book
-          Guest book
-          Frog are preserved
-          Animals
-          Leaves dry
-          The roots of trees
-          Replica bird cendrawasih


My Future Business
The Bakery SUS and PEI

Hi All
I want a little story of desire or will I in the fature. My main goal is to be a teacher but If I don’t be a teacher or employee and owner of a bank, then I’m going to open a business the SUS and PEI. The SUS and PEI is a bakery that sells all kinds of cake SUS and PEI of different flavors, shapes and colors.
Why do I went to open the business? Because I really like sus  and pei. Until now I’ve never found  the sus and pei with a sense, from, and different colors, so I really want to change the same food in general has become something different.Although I haven’t been able to make sus and pei I’ll try to learn and know about the sus and pei before I opened this business and run it well.
This business I’m going to be starting from a place and  supplies, a smallbuilding for a while until my effort continues to grow.If the initial capita; that I have big enough, then I’ll make the snack bar private bakeries that was my own from the building to everyone in it. I hope all my wish comes true, amin.